Kunstbryggeriet Far & Søn (Translates: The Art Brewery Father & Son) was founded in a self-sustaining concept village in Denmark, December 2010.

The brewery started out as a brewery and an experimental art project. The art of poetry, lyrics and paintings was interpreted into various manifestations of beer and ale, and was at various events revealed and distributed at cultural institutions and happenings such as Byens Lys (Christiania), the Johannes Larsen Museum, SAK Kunsthal and the Library of Svendborg. In addition to the art project Beer, food and poetry, there has now been more than 41 works of art interpreted into beer or ale concoctions for the time being. 

The artworks have sometimes required atypical ingredients such as: eel fish, pork chops, breast milk among other curious things. If you want to interpret beer out of art, you have to align, abide and atune with the challenges and conditions of art.

Along the way, there has also been a wealth of concurrent brews that is now found permanently in the beer selection of the art beer brewery Far & Søn.

The Far & Søn brew method is based on a revival of the “farmhouse brew”-concept. We are inspired by the way brew was made in times past before the industrialization and large-scale production. In times past brewing was done in large vessels with the process of letting the brew run from one vessel to the next driven by the natural pull of gravity. They did not use pumps. At the brewery we imitate this technique using cranes to lift the vessels and let the beer run from one vessel to the next.

Our recipes are inspired by this “farmhouse” approach and we like to use yeast straws that bring acidity to the beer, just like in times past. The character and vibrancy of the beer is incredibly well suited with food and the nordic way of eating. In times past farmhouse beer was an important source of nutrition as well, so our beer is naturally unfiltered and unpasteurized.